Liquefied Natural Gas Plants(LNG):
Our personnel have experience working on large scale LNG facilities. We carry out various civil and structural designs for pipe support steel racks, heat exchanger support, concrete foundations for horizontal and vertical mounted pressure vessels, air cooler support structures, supervision of dredging and preloading operations for LNG tank base construction, early site works and site clearance.

Crude oil Gas and Oil Separation Plants(GOSP):
Our personnel have experience working on large scale crude oil plant facility development. We carry out civil and structural designs for gas and oil separation plants, central processing facilities(CPF), HP/ATM compression facilities, flare knock out units, utilities and cogeneration facilities

Power Plants:
We have extensive experience working on major coal and oil fired thermoelectric power plant projects. We have undertaken major low Nox Retrofit projects for various power plants in Europe with plant capacities ranging from 350MW to 2400MW. We carried out major structural works on Burn over Fired Air (BOFA) and Selective Catalyst Reduction systems (SCR). We also carried out structural designs for boiler steelwork modifications, access platforms and walkways, duct support steelworks, strengthening schemes and rotating plant foundations.

Refineries & Petrochemical Plants:
We can undertake detailed designs for structural elements on utilities and offsite facilities, interconnecting process facilities and sulphur recovery units. We have in-depth experience in analysing, designing and detailing structural support systems for process equipments in sulphur recovery units.

Natural Gas Plants

Carbon Capture Plants